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EyeMag Smart 2.5x / 300 Promotion!

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EyeMag Smart Loupes

Magnification: 2,5x
Working distance: 300 mm
Field-of-view diameter: 67 mm

More than meets the eye.


The optical quality of EyeMag® Smart loupes delivers precise images with good color fidelity extending to the peripheral zones. Good depth of field ensures clear visualization of anatomical structures in deep-lying channels.


Standard delivery package of EyeMag Smart


Optical system: Optical system featuring a Galilean design
Lens protection device: Shields the objective lens against tissue debris
Features high-quality, scratch-proof Carl Zeiss antireflective coating
Contact guard: Sterilizable to reliably swing loupes up and down
Side shields for EyeMag Smart: Side protection against splashes and particles
Soft case: High-quality, shock-proof protection for your loupes and accessories


1 Year Warranty