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Kopflupe EyeMag Pro S

(Magnification: 3,2 - 5-fach, Working distance: 300-550 mm, Field-of-view diameter: 44-115 mm)

Choose a magnification level from 3.2x to 5x and working distances from 300 to 500 mm. For the carrier system, you can select a titanium eyeglass frame (EyeMag Pro F) or a headband system (EyeMag Pro S).

Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the EyeMag Pro S loupes ensures comfortable weight distribution. The personal setting options on the EyeMag Pro loupe system facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.

Standard delivery package of EyeMag Pro S

Optical system: Optical system featuring a Kepler design
System carrier: S
Lens protection device: Shields the objective lens against tissue debris
Features high-quality, scratch-proof Carl Zeiss antireflective coating
Contact guard: Sterilizable to reliably swing loupes up and down

1 Year Warranty